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Top 6 Cam Ranh specialties, once eaten and remembered forever, tourists must definitely try

Bánh can

Banh Can will be the first Cam Ranh specialty dish that visitors cannot miss when visiting. Famous in the South Central region, but if anyone is a Northerner or a genuine Southern visitor coming to Cam Ranh for the first time in the early morning, they will probably be very excited to be invited to breakfast with a cake prepared on the spot. very picky.

Diners who want to eat banh can have to wait, because this dish is only truly delicious when it reaches the table, the cake must still be steaming and diners must blow on it while eating.


The main ingredient of the cake is made from rice flour, but to have a delicious and flavorful cake, the chef must mix some spices before baking it on a clay tray. The baking tray is the secret to making the cake both fragrant and crispy.

The baking time for a batch of banh can is about one minute, this is also a meticulous step that requires the skill of the chef. The diluted dough is prepared into an earthen mold, covered and waiting for the dough to cook until the bottom is cooked, then add the filling and onion fat and bake until the cake is crispy and fragrant.

The filling for Banh Can is usually made from shrimp, eggs, squid, minced meat or other seafood. As an advantage of coastal people, every day the oysters are fresh, the restaurant has an extremely attractive oyster filling.

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Delicious Banh Can also depends on vegetables with nearly a dozen different types, but the most common are mustard greens, lettuce, baby mustard, basil, bitter herbs, cilantro, fish mint, perilla, and spearmint. When the hot plate of cake is served on the table, diners can spread lettuce leaves, add herbs, sandwich a piece of cake in the middle, roll it up and mix it with dipping sauce to enjoy.


Sea worms, also known as Xi Sung or sea worms, are one of Cam Ranh’s specialties that are loved by many people, including locals and tourists.


Sea worm meat is very delicious, chewy and sweet, is considered a high-class dish and has health-enhancing effects. With its unique flavor and high nutritional value, sea worms can be grilled or processed into many other attractive dishes such as deep fried breaded sea worms, sea worms cooked in porridge,…

Processing sea worms is very elaborate, you have to make incisions along the body, turn it out and rub it thoroughly with salt to remove all the sand and fishy smell. Sung worms must be washed many times, right under strong water, until they are ivory white in color to be clean.

Sea worms have a naturally sweet taste, so when preparing, there is no need to add sugar or MSG. A little bit of flavored salt is enough to make the sea worms taste richer.

Dried sea worms are grilled with alcohol and then eaten like dried squid, dipped in chili sauce. This type can also be fried crispy and used instead of dried shrimp when cooking soup.

Squid pancakes

A cake dish that is no longer strange to diners. But eating banh xeo in Cam Ranh beach gives visitors a very special flavor, an unforgettable one-time meal, a Cam Ranh specialty that should not be missed.

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The crust is made from rice flour and green beans. With many different squid pancake shops, there are different ways to prepare squid. There are shops that wash the squid and blanch it in boiling water. Some shops use large squid, large squid cut into slices. Other restaurants leave whole squid filled with rice, squid sacs and shells for processing. Therefore, at each squid pancake restaurant, diners will have different feelings. This is the highlight of the banh xeo dish that creates the local brand.

You can ask for just shrimp or squid. If you like, you can ask the seller for more ink than usual.


The dipping sauce for shrimp and squid pancakes at Cam Ranh also makes diners miss the fatty aroma of fried onions and the mild saltiness of braised fish water.

Cam Ranh pancakes are golden and attractive with fresh seafood, shrimp and squid, attracting diners. Enjoy the crispy, hot fat pancake with some green vegetables and dip it in spicy and sour fish sauce, you will never forget this enchanting rustic cake.


A famous dish, one of the Cam Ranh specialties that cannot be missed. Every tourist visiting Binh Ba Island in Cam Ranh must have heard that this place is also known as lobster island.


Lobsters in Cam Ranh have soft, white meat, sweet and fragrant and rich in sea flavor. Prepared in a variety of ways, from grilled, steamed to roasted, lobster is a premium dish and is often enjoyed by domestic and foreign tourists when coming to Cam Ranh.

In addition, diners should try the sour lobster soup at Cam Ranh once, it will certainly be difficult for visitors to forget this taste.

Banh ask pork intestines

On a new day in Cam Ranh, if you don’t know what to start breakfast with, you should try this dish called Banh Hoi with pork intestines. This is a very easy dish to find in Cam Ranh, because not only tourists, people here also love and choose this special breakfast food.


Banh hoi dough is made from plain rice, spun into thin fibers, looks almost like vermicelli noodles but the fibers are small and rolled into bite-sized round cakes.

When eating, the new cake is spread with a layer of onion grease or chopped chives, sprinkled with a little dried onion on top depending on each person’s preference. The white piece of banh hoi is both chewy and flexible, and has the aroma of rice and fried onions.

Banh hoi is served with pork intestines and the dipping sauce is usually fish sauce mixed with a little crushed garlic and chili and a few drops of lemon juice. The plate of intestines served with cakes is carefully selected, cleaned, and boiled until it has enough heart, liver, kidney, pork belly, and pork belly.

Tidal blood cockle

When talking about Cam Ranh specialties, we cannot forget to mention Thuy Trieu blood cockles.

Thuy Trieu Lagoon is a large lagoon located in the north of Cam Ranh peninsula. In this lagoon, there is a famous blood cockle, ranked on par with O Loan lagoon blood cockle (Phu Yen) and Tam Giang blood cockle (Thua Thien Hue).


Blood cockles here are not only delicious but also abundant. Just walk along the edge of the lagoon when the tide has just receded, lightly scraping the mud on the surface and you can catch cockles.

Classified as a nutritious seafood, especially for men, blood cockles are very popular. People often process blood cockles into many delicious dishes such as grilled blood cockles, stir-fried blood cockles with tamarind, roasted with salt and chili, made into salad or cooked with porridge, all of which are very delicious…

However, for gourmets, grilled blood cockles are still the most delicious dish. The scallops are grilled at the right temperature with sweet, fatty meat served hot with salt, lemon, pepper and a little Vietnamese coriander, making people remember its unique flavor forever.

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